Kanchipuram Pattu Sareees

Kanchipuram silk sarees – A masterpiece you should definitely add to your collection
In India, fashion and culture are intermingled with each other and they are almost inseparable. Festivals call for celebrations and sarees automatically come into the spotlight. Gorgeous, vibrant and charismatic, Indian women look absolutely flawless by draping themselves in fabulous sarees. Kanchipuram pattu is one such variety and it features wide contrasting borders and some rich motifs, which stands out. Kanchipuram sarees are absolutely stunning at http://kanchipuramsareesonline.com and they act as perfect bridal wear. Tamil Nadu, situated in the southern region of India, is the proud producer of this variety and the name has been derived from there.


Origin of Kanchipuram pattu sarees

Just like Kanchipuram sarees, this variety is also linked with Hindu mythology, According to folktales, kanchi weavers possess magical powers, which they inherited from Sage Markanda. These special skills were passed from one generation to another and a community of talented weavers were able to support their families.  The weaving started in Tamil Nadu’s ‘Kanchipuram’ town over 400 years ago and many important events happened after that. During the reign of King Krishna Devaraya, the art became extremely popular. Two big weaving communities migrated from Andhra Pradesh to Kanchipuram and started the weaving process. The gorgeous silk sarees had figurines, scriptures and images, which were found in the nearby temples of the village. The outstanding beauty and appeal attracted the women and they made it a point to wear them in traditional ceremonies, local festivals and weddings.

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What makes Kanjivaram sarees so special?

Something is extremely special about these sarees and the appeal just doesn’t seem to fade. Kanjivaram sarees are designed for grand occasions and they look exceptional on women. It is an integral part of South India’s culture and every silk thread echoes the region’s rich heritage.  With the passing years, the sari becomes more and more expensive. Kanjivaram sarees are famous for their durability and this is one of their salient features. The material is extremely light and it offers a different level of comfortability. The sarees come in different expressive designs, stunning thread work and absolutely lively colour combinations. They always win a woman’s heart and style them smartly. check out http://kanjivaramsareesonline.com/

Modern fashion trends will come and go, but traditional masterpieces will live on forever. This is where Kanchipuram  sarees outperform the other varieties. Their popularity is always growing and even the newer generation likes the styles. Tradition is evergreen and it occupies a very sacred spot in our heart. The “Zari” work is always noticeable and some brilliant craftsmanship is done here. For the bold and beautiful women, Kanjivaram sarees is the right option. http://kanjivaramsarees.co.in/
Get acquainted with the weaving process

Silk has various uses and in India, it is used to manufacture stunning sarees, Mulberry silk is the main raw material of Kanchipuram silk sarees and it is weaved by following a special process. The silk is indigenous to Southern India, but Gujarat contributes by sending the colourful zari. The delicate silk thread stays submerged in a particular amount of riche water and then it is sun-dried. This basically does two things. On one hand, the thickness is increased greatly and secondly the material becomes stiffer. Very fine silver wire is then interlocked with the silk and golden thread comes into play afterwards.

The procedure is complicated, but the talented weavers make it look very easy. The fabric is woven by using a warp frame which has a total of 60 holes. The frame gives a compact and sturdy feel to the design. The saree’s border and the pallu are woven separately and the interlocking is done after that.

Things to look out while buying Kanchipuram sarees

Buying the right saree involves many steps and each one of them is important. Whether you are buying a gorgeous product for a wedding or you want to gift it to your loved ones, some special features must be checked, before making the purchase.  The quality of the silk should be judged well and you must check for softness and glaze. The next thing that should be checked is the brightness of the zari. Pick a genuine product which uses quality raw materials. Lastly, the design should be eye-catching, as a lot of things depend on it. Kanchipuram silk sarees are available in many designs and most of them are awe-inspiring. You can check out the  best online collections in kanchivaram

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Special features of Kanchipuram silk sarees

The saree is divided into three main parts and the design of each area is different. A gorgeous zig zag style called ‘pitni’ is a special feature which is strikingly noticeable.  Natural fibres make the saree highly environment-friendly and this is indeed a great feature. The strong fibre has an impressive tensile strength and it can handle the wear and tear of rough use. However, these heavy designs increase the saree’s weight considerably.
Paying the right price for Kanchipuram silk sarees

Due to the exceptionally brilliant design, these sarees are a bit on the higher price range, but there are a lot of affordable options to buy as well. Authentic Kanchipattu sarees which are made of pure silk as well as pure zari costs around Rs 7,000 – Rs 2, 00, 000. you can check kanchi pattu sarees online at http://kanchipattusareesonline.com  It can be a great asset for your wardrobe and you can wear this piece for any big occasion. Budgeted versions are also available, but original silk is not used in them. The brightness is preserved in these varieties, but the fabric is not that durable. Original sarees are exceptional wearing them is a joy in itself.
Buying Kanchipuram sarees

Amazing discounts, great deal of choices and impressive delivery options, Kanchipuram sarees are widely available online. You can easily visit the top websites and choose a good item from there. The price is also reasonable and discounts can also be availed. Online marketplaces are reliable and they showcase products directly from the dexterous weavers. Make the right purchase and support the handloom industry. The entire process is effortless and you will love the convenience.

Ethnic wear is simply stunning and it makes India’s fashion more rich are trendy. Kanchipuram silk sarees are vibrant, beautiful and elegant.